7 Worst Ways To Pick Your Domain Name


Most folks spend more time picking a perfect domain than they do coming up with a sui generis name for their pet or kid.

To make it super easy on you, I’ve boiled it down to the basics.

Here’s what you definitely DON’T want to do when brainstorming the perfect name for your new website.

1. Use a hyphen or underscore between words

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that if a visitor forgets or misplaces one of the hyphens or underscores, they could end up at someone else’s site with your same name. What do they know?

2. Don’t bother grabbing additional extensions

If the .org and .net are available for the domain you’re buying, don’t sweat it! You can always buy them later. There’s literally zero chance you’ll ever use them as redirects and no one will EVER try to use them to get traffic to their spam site from your confused visitors.

3. Use three “z”s in place of every “s”

Why use jasonsmith.com when you can use something as memorable and user-friendly as jazzzonsmithcom?

4. Use numbers in the place of letters

You LOVE it when people TyP3 LYk3 Th1S, right? And if you tell someone your website is “KellyComedy dot com”, shouldn’t they just KNOW to type in K3llyC0m3dy.com?

5. Make sure you include the current year in it

What’s more relevant than a website with a one year shelf life? It will make you a gazillion dollars overnight, then you can retire in a year anyway!

6. Use a word that has multiple common spellings

Where will people who are trying to find you end up? On your website? On the site of some comic with a similar name? Somewhere totally unrelated to comedy? You’ll have way more fun than you can handle with this guessing game!

7. The more words, the better

People seriously despise typing in something that’s short and easy to memorize. Your friends, fans, and bookers deserve a challenge and they’ll thank you for it. I mean really, www.wouldntanyonerathervisitawebsitethatusesthisurl.com instead of www.somethingsimple.com?

Now get out there and make the web your oyster.

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